A new offer by PKR4U at Viage in Brussels.

In addition to our daily main tournaments, which have a slow structure and which make the best use of the time allotted by the casino, we offer you hyper turbo tournaments, which will last on average 1 hour 30 minutes. They can start at any time when the pokerroom is open, and you will always have the choice between 3 tables: €30, €50 or €100.

From 3 registrations the tournament will start. Like all tournaments at PKR4U it's self-dealt.

During the first hour, entries are unlimited.

It's played in 10-MAX.

If the table is full, during a bust, the busted person will have priority to re-register over a possible new player.

The rake is 12% (30/26, 50/44, 100/88). If there are less than 10 players there will be 2 ITM (60/40%), and if there are 10 or more 3 ITM (50/30/20%)

Here is the detailed structure